We are  credit provider that helps you manage your money better.

At Loanway Financial Services, we understand that life happens and sometimes things that may be out of your control can be quite pricey. We are here to assist when you need some Money to get out of a tight spot, with an online loan that is easy, quick and safe, so you can keep going and get more done.

Loanway Financial Services is a registered online credit provider that offers personal online credit up to R20,000,000, payable over a maximum of 20 years. Using smart technology, you can apply for a loan from anywhere, anytime that suits you. Our loan application is completely online and takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Once your application has been submitted for final review, you will get a decision within the hour.

It is our goal to help you take control of your financial health today so you can make better financial decisions for your future.

By giving you access to your credit profile you can know and understand your credit status and see how to make the necessary improvements. We assist with the equivalent of an online overdraft when times are tough without getting you into debt; and provide you with the educational tools you need to guide you on a path of financial well-being and growth.


Loanway Financial Services is a specialty finance company with particular focus on short-term / long term asset backed transactions for high and low net worth individuals. We are a registered credit provider, registration number NCRCP9649.  Legal Registration No. 2017/221959/07. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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